Health IT (Health Information Technology) Benefits and Challenges

If you love to work in technology and medical world, then Health IT is the best hospital job for you. Health IT works to develop, create, use and maintenance of information systems for healthcare industry. It aims at realizing better medical care through lower costs, increase efficiency, reduce error and improve patient satisfaction. In general, it will be difficult to define Health IT job description as there are so many different types of health IT. But, one thing for sure is you have to deal with computers. Hence, other daily tasks will depend on what kind of jobs they work for. If you want to be a Health IT, you have to read some basic information for health IT.

Types of Health Information Technology
There are three types of health information technology. The central component of the health IT infrastructure is known as the electronic health record (EHR). EHR is a person’s official, digital health record and is shared among multiple healthcare providers and agencies. Other health jobs that belong to health information technology are personal health record (PHR) and health information exchange (HIE). PHR is a person’s self-maintained health record. While HIE is a health data clearinghouse or a group of healthcare organizations that enter into an interoperability pact and agree to share data between their various health IT systems.

Benefits of Health Information Technology
Even though, many people assume that health information technology will lead to reduced physician productivity. In terms of managing population health programs and reducing the incidence of expensive chronic health conditions, health information technology is really helpful. This is because they can process big data easier and perform precision medicine tailored to individual patients.

Health IT Challenges
There are some challenges that you have to face when you decide to work as a health IT. Chief. They include a lack of commonly agreed on health data interchange standards although the health IT organization has several popular standards. Other concerns are about poorly designed user interfaces and cybersecurity vulnerabilities. This makes many health systems are exposed to frequent cyberattacks.

Ultrasound Technician Job Description, Education and Certification

Ultrasound technician is also known as diagnostic medical sonographers. He usually works to take images and scans of different body areas, such as brains, hearts, or abdomens. Hence, this job will require you a specialized training program in ultrasound technology. If you are interested to become an ultrasound technician, here are some things that you should consider about:

Job description
An ultrasound technician’s main duty is to operate machines called sonographic scanners that produce images of patients’ internal organs. Besides his/her main duty, there are more hospital jobs that an ultrasound technician is responsible for, such as:

  • Operate and manage technical equipment of ultrasound. Being responsible for finding best technical factors and the film quality which can give maximum output with best images.
  • Explain the procedure as well as related program to the patient
  • Adjust the scanner for specific procedure
  • Decide which images called sonograms, to capture and show to the physician for diagnostic purposes.
  • Updating the equipment with modern technology
  • Inform the manager if there is any failure found
  • Taking feedback and expectation of client so that improvement can be done in each process of treatment.

Even though, an ultrasound technician is commonly associated with developing fetuses. But, they can also work as a specialist in a neurological (brain), breast, heart or abdominal sonography.

Education and Certification
You can find multiple education programs that can provide you with required basic necessary to start your career. In fact, bachelor’s and master’s degree are also available for this job. But, you need to ensure that the school you attend is accredited. You can check with the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) or the Joint Review Committee on Education in Diagnostic Medical Sonography to figure out if a school is accredited.

Furthermore, having good knowledge in science, computer and math courses are also necessary for your job will require that knowledge.

Forensic Nurse Job Duties and Salary Information

When there are victims of assault and other crimes, a forensic nurse treatment and support will be needed. Moreover, they will also provide any testimony on their behalf. Therefore, all nurses should be highly trained in medical evidence collection and the criminal justice system. If you like to investigate crimes, such as sexual assault, physical assault, and accidental death, a forensic nursing job might be suitable for you. To learn more about this job, you can continue reading the following information.

Job Duties
One should become a registered nurse before they can be a forensic nurse. As it is stated above, forensic nurse jobs will involve in every stage of the response to a crime of rape, assault or battery. This ranges from assessing the victim and preserving evidence to providing treatment to testifying in any potential legal proceedings. Generally, there are three main job duties of forensic nurse. They include:

Assessment and Documentation
Evaluating physical and psychological traumas of patients is the first job of a forensic nurse. Moreover, they will need to carefully collect and document evidence about their patient’s status, including attacker’s hair or body fluids. Hence, a forensic nurse could work at any time of day or night.

Forensic nurses should also be well-versed in treatment procedures; therefore they should have enough education, skills, and experience. Education programs in forensic nursing frequently include psychiatric education as well as pathological studies. A forensic nurse should also perform prevention treatment for patient with sexual assault and offer any psychological care for them.

If you think that the forensic nurse will spend all of his/her working day in a hospital or laboratory, you might be wrong. This is because forensic nurses have training in documentation and evidence preservation. Therefore, they have a responsible to act as expert witnesses in a court of law.

Salary Information
As a forensic nurse, your average wage is $45,928-$82,052 and a salary of a forensic nurse is not to dissimilar to any other part of the nursing profession.


Clinical Nurse Specialist Job Description and Salary Information

Are you a good problem solver and love to care for others? If yes, this job is for you! A clinical nurse specialist is also part of nursing jobs but with bigger responsibilities. This job requires good ability to handle a complex problem and take on a leadership role. One of the best parts of being a CNS is the ability to work in a specialized area of health care, like acute care nursing or geriatric nursing. If you are interested to become a CNS, you need to know several things regarded to this job.

What does a clinical nurse specialist do?
A clinical nurse specialist’s job is far from simple and straightforward tasks. They have to consider that everything cost-saving measures. Then, improve practices and outcomes. In general, a clinical nurse specialist’s jobs include:

  • Make decisions on where to allocate staff and resources
  • Incorporate practices to promote staff teamwork
  • Analyze patient data and outcomes
  • Participate with colleagues on new research
  • Educating patients and families on how to best manage their conditions
  • Develop specialized treatment plans after patient examinations
  • Optimizing patient care by working with nursing staff.

What Education or Certification will I need to become a Clinical Nurse Specialist?
Since a clinical nurse specialist is one of the four advanced nursing practices, so it will require a significant schooling such as earning a Master of Science in Nursing degree (MSN). You can attend either online or traditional classroom setting; it depends on your flexibility.

You may also require a certification. Hence, you can take the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) certifies CNSs who meet eligibility requirements. Even though, in some states the certification is required, but still it is highly recommended for you to have one.

Salary Information
A clinical nurse specialist (CNS) will be paid for AU$38.32 per hour. The median annual salary for a clinical nurse specialist can range between AU$59,275-AU$97,621. This salary information can vary depends on area and experience.

Medical Secretary Job Description and Salary Information

Medical secretary is a great hospital job for those who like to work in a variety of environments. They usually work in complementary health centers, hospitals, prisons and schools. This job is also available on full time and part time. Therefore, you can choose part time job if you like a flexible working hour. But, you can also choose full time job if you like working on standard office hours, Monday to Friday. However, you need to prepare for working on weekends or working in shifts.

Daily Duties
As a medical secretary, you will have to deal with lots of administrative stuffs. They include:

  • Managing incoming and outgoing mail
  • Becoming medical staff’s personal assistant
  • Answering phone calls and arranging appointments
  • Writing letters or recording medical notes
  • Ensuring medical samples are labelled properly
  • Filing and typing up reports
  • Providing administrative assistance with medical research

This job will lead you into bigger opportunities, such as a senior medical secretary or even office or practice manager. So, make sure that you have learnt the ropes. In this way, you can move on to a bigger responsibility.

Like any other hospital jobs, it is also required some studying and qualifications for this role. Most employers will look for at least four GCSEs (A-C grades, including English). But above all, strong secretarial skill is what this job needs. Moreover, understanding medical jargon and processes will be also needed, so you need to take specialist training to master this. AMSPAR run a variety of courses including:

  • The Level 2 Diploma in Medical Administration
  • The Level 3 Diploma for Medical Secretaries
  • The Level 3 Certificate in Medical Administration
  • The Level 3 Certificate in Medical Terminology

The median salary of medical secretary may be different depends on location and experience. In the United States, a medical secretary will earn $38,133 as a median annual salary, with a range between $33,987-$43,072. While in Australia, medical secretaries can take home AU$44,869-AU$67,715 as their annual salary.