5 High-Paying Medical Careers You Can Do With A Bachelor’s Degree

Are you interested in having medical careers but you are not sure since you only have a bachelor’s degree? Don’t worry since we will list you 5 high paying medical careers that are open for bachelor’s degree. Find what suits your personality or ability best by reading the 5 points below.

1. Medical Perfusionist

If you put a good attention whenever you visit a hospital, you will see range of bypass machine when there is undergoing surgery. A person who operates this machine as well as other equipment that temporarily controls a person’s circulation and respiratory function is called as a perfusionist. This career will offer you a pretty amount of money which is $93,500.

2. Product Manager, Health Care

In line with its name, product managers work to manage products which can be range from drugs to other health products. Product managers would be responsible for coordinating product development to marketing and ultimately sales strategies and results. It may require you a bachelor’s degree in business, business administration, marketing, or a health-related field with relevant industry experience to be successful product managers in the health care industry will have a bachelor’s degree. As a product manager you will earn $87,800.

3. Sales Representative, Pharmaceuticals

If you have a passion in selling a product, yet interested in health care, being a sales representative of pharmaceuticals is the best choice. It will produce you with $84,200. In fact, being a sales representative means to ensure patients are receiving the best drugs and medical products. In addition, you will have lots connection with doctors, patients, and hospital staff.

4. Radiology/Diagnostic Imaging Director

Being a radiology/diagnostic imaging director means you have to deal with X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and ultrasound, among others. Learn how to operate with these kinds of machine can benefit you with $76,400.

5. Hand Therapist

Hand therapist is another high-paying medical career that you can do with a Bachelor’s degree but not many people have heard about it. Hand therapists work with patients who are pre and post-operative, as well as those requiring preventative care and pain management. Being a hand therapist will earn you with $70,200. In order to apply as a hand therapist, one must provide documentation of five years as a practicing occupational therapist or physical therapist.


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