7 Personalities a Therapist Should Have

Therapist is one of the most needed jobs when it comes to medical jobs vacancy. But, do you know that a therapist should have at least these seven personalities to get through with their work? In fact, a good therapist should have a set of personality traits in common that enable them to work effectively with patients. So, if being a therapist is your dream job then investigating and answering these questions is a must thing for you.

1. Are you a good listener?

Being a good listener is the first important thing that a therapist should have since most of time personal information revealed through patient’s subtle body language not only to what the patient says. Remember that not all people can be a good listener; it requires patience and good empathy.

2. Can you keep a secret?

Since many people will share their problems with you, so keeping a secret will be your biggest challenge. In fact, as stated in the American Psychological Association’s Code of Ethics that another cardinal rules of therapy is that nothing said between psychologist and patient is ever divulged, unless it is mandated by law.

3. Are you naturally inquisitive?

Despite of listen another thing that a good therapist must do is to ask follow-up questions, and is able to analyze vague statements by patients to figure out the unrevealed meaning.

4. Are you an objective person?

Being objective is terribly important in this field in order to ensure a therapist can take into account their own natural biases according to their education, background, social status and religious beliefs.

5. Are you comfortable with talking to all types of people?

Your patients may come from many types of background; they may differ from racial, political, socioeconomic, moral and cultural backgrounds. Therefore, having interpersonal skill will be helpful to make an intimate conversation and gain more trust from patients easily.

6. Are you good at solving puzzles and riddles?

In order to determine and provide an accurate diagnosis, a therapist should know the main problem that causes of patient’s distress. Hence, a good logic is necessary in order to gather all pieces of solutions which often come from limited information.

7. Are you creative and flexible?

The world and its society changes quickly and human mind is highly complex and ever-changing things which makes a psychologists must be flexible and creative to adapt and solve new findings in the field.


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