5 Reasons why Pharmacist is the Top Health Care Job

The future of pharmacy profession is known as one of the most promising careers in medical jobs. If you are one of the people that would like to have pharmacy as your job but still have a little doubt about it in your heart, you can read the 5 points below to convince and strengthen your heart on it.

1. Diverse Career Options & Flexibility

A pharmacist will be allowed to choose a career path that is suitable for their passion, the career path may range from research to clinical and retail. In fact, a pharmacist has the flexibility in schedule, since pharmacists are in demand around the clock; therefore, it is possible to find work for any shift.

2. Salary

The average salary of a pharmacist is terribly tempting, according to Forbes, the average salary for a pharmacist is $116,700. Even though, salary should not be your utmost reason, but being a pharmacist still offer you an interesting amount of money which few professions can provide $100,000 to a fresh graduate.

3. Availability of Online Resources

In order to connect with others in the profession, find information, and keep up with the latest news and research, a wealth of online resources are available to pharmacists. In fact, you can find many convince online source, such as the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists which offer everything from continuing education to mentorship programs.

4. Autonomy on the job

Mostly workers have to work on the scheduled time from 8-5, but in most work environments, pharmacists have a lot of autonomy to manage their work and time since a pharmacist has the ability to determine how to best set their priorities and serve their patients.

5. Respected Profession

Frankly, pharmacist is the most-respected professions after medical doctors. Being a pharmacist means have a trustable skill to help people stay healthy. It also study chemistry and calculus just like doctors do.


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