How to be a Great Psych Nurse

Like the old saying that everybody has skeleton in their closet, therefore the profession of psych nurse is necessary to help people undergo their bad experience with the right attitude and mindset. In fact, being a psych nurse is quite challenging compare to other nursing jobs, since psych nursing will cover a lot of awful conditions and mental health illnesses. Therefore, it is necessary for a psych nurse to have some personalities as a therapist like we have revealed in the older post titled 7 personalities a therapist should have. However, besides embracing the right personalities, you should also know how to deal with your patient rightly, such as follows:

1. Listen and Don’t Judge

Listening is a power and not everybody is born as a good listener, therefore if you are not a good one, you better practice. In fact, the biggest mistake that you should avoid when you want to become a great psych nurse is not listen to understand instead of you listen to reply. Remember to touch your patients, sometimes you only need to stay quite if you don’t have any advice and touch them since it really can set them off.

2. Watch your Reaction

Since you will hear and see a lot of unimaginable stories and horrific things about other people’s lives, for instance you may hear things like “I’ve had 15 abortions” or “I got raped for 7 years”, so do not react. As people will notice your reaction as judging and nobody will feel comfortable to be judged.

3. Be careful, your patient can be Highly Manipulative

Do not believe in everything your patient’s say, they can be highly manipulative. For example, an anorexic patient once acknowledge she’d been raped and beaten for 10 years, it was all a lie, extensive investigations done and it was proved she made up fantasies to explain her eating disorder.

4. Be firm

Being firm but positive and clear in your instructions towards patients will be helpful to make sure that every task that is given is accomplished.


4 Work Environments for a Child Psychologist

So, are you planning to be a child psychologist? If child psychologist is one of your dream jobs among so many nursing jobs or healthcare jobs, you need to know what places that may hire you as their psychologist, furthermore knowing the environments will help you decide what kind of environment that may suitable with your passion and personality. Here are 4 places that may require child psychologist to work in it.

  • Schools

A child psychologist is commonly found in private or public schools since school psychologists provide counseling, diagnosis and referrals to students with emotional, social or behavioral problems. Teachers, guidance counselors or parents will refer children that may need your psychologist examination. A school psychologist’s job descriptions are usually include assessing potential barriers to learning and work with parents, teachers and other pupil personnel to help to promote the development of healthy communication and social skills, providing assistance to students with anger management problems, and assessing the need for special education services.

  • Research

Some child psychologists who prefer to work in a more conducive environment can work as research psychologists either in universities or public research facilities. The research that you will be conducted is basically about scientific experiments regarding cognitive, behavioral or emotional issues that affected children such as bullying, family issues, developmental disorders or the impact of grief and loss in childhood that will be published as scientific papers for journals.

  • Private Practice

Private practice will be perfect for those who love to work privately with one patient. A private practice usually provides assessment, diagnosis and psychotherapy to children and adolescents with a variety of emotional, social, behavioral and cognitive problems. In fact, you can open your own office and conduct your own practice which is focusing strictly on child and adolescent which interpret psychological tests, including personality, intellectual and neuropsychological test to children. You can also conduct any psychologist therapy which may be needed.

  • Hospitals

Another common place that usually has child psychologists on it is hospitals. This is because any hospital may have pediatric unit of a larger community of university hospital. Hospital psychologists may also have to deal with children and adolescents with brain disorders, such as epilepsy, brain tumors or head and brain injuries.

Skill Attributes that Any Professional Surgeon Should Have

For those who wish to become a great surgeon should know what attributes that they need to become a professional surgeon before they decide to plunge in this field since a surgeon may have bigger burden and pressure compares to other healthcare job. Therefore, in this opportunity we would like to present 7 things that every surgeon-wanna be should know in order to prepare any medical student who would like to enroll to this field.

1. A strong desire

Choosing a surgeon career is very important matter, if your desire isn’t strong enough, you better don’t enroll for any surgeon study.

2. Perseverance

Embark a career that will require formal studies of 10 years or longer will stretch and strengthen your ability to persevere.

3. The ability to Work Under Pressure

Being a surgeon means your patient life is in your hand when they start lying down on the surgical table. So, stay calm and not panic when performing your task is terribly important.

4. The ability to handle Crises

When it comes to operating, there are big possibilities that unexpected things may happen during the operation process. Therefore, your ability in handling crises is needed. In fact, the ability to handle crises will come together with the ability to work under pressure since both of them imply to remain calm.

5. The ability to work hard, and for long hours continuously

This job will require you to work in day and night shift, so if you aren’t used to work in the night shift, you better adjust yourself with it.

6. The ability to keep your concentration for extended periods of time

Operating process may take hours, and from the beginning till the end of the process, your high concentration is needed. In fact, you will put your thinking cap on for hours in order to be meticulous and solve any problem that may occur in a very quickly.

7. Have a good knowledge of Human Anatomy and be Respect with Human Body and Human Life

It is a well-known truth that knowledge of anatomy is the foundation of surgery, therefore acquiring a deep knowledge of it is a must. But being respectful with human body and human life will make you realize how important your work is which as a result will affect your work performance.

5 Great Tips for your career as a Medical Assistant

Are you currently working as a medical member, especially medical assistant? Do you wish to become better in your job? If yes, this article is absolutely made for you, since we acknowledge the importance of medical assistant in assisting patients, doctors, and nurses every day. We do hope that after applying the tips below, you know how to do your utmost dedication to your patients and have a better medical assistant career.

Tip 1: Be part of the Team

Any healthcare jobs usually ask their member to be a good team player, especially if you wish to be a medical assistant. In fact, being a good team player means one should operate together efficiently. For instance, if you see something finishes so slow while it can be done quicker, you can be the one that suggest a better way or you can do a favor for other co-worker when you are idle.

Tip 2: Go to Work Early

Come earlier is a sign that you are dedicated and passionate about your job. This requires great dedication to wake up early every day since by waking up early you have sufficient time to plan out your schedule before your next work day, get dressed, make lunch, travel to work, park your car, and even double check to make sure all you paperwork are ready.

Tip 3: Maintain a Clean Environment

Hospital is a place where people expect to have a clean environment, so bear in mind to clean and prepare the exam room for each patient. After each working day, you need to properly clean and sanitize the room and instruments.

Tip 4: Keep Learning

Since healthcare is a field that is always evolving and improving, keeping yourself up to date is the key of survival. You can take continuing education classes, research local and national medical assistant associations where you can meet other medical assistant professionals and stay up-to-date on the latest advances in healthcare practices or you can read other professional journals.

Tip 5: Treat Others with Respect

Since working as a team is essential in healthcare job, then be respectful to supervisors, doctors, and nurses is important. You can show your respect in the right way through following their requests right away, speak politely, smile, and make eye contact while talking with them. Moreover, keep in mind to remain kind whenever you get constructive criticism from your co-worker.

6 Tips of Job Interview for Medical Job Seeker

The first stage that one must face when they wish to get a job is to be interviewed. This is a crucial stage whatever your job is whether hourly wage job, a high-paying hospital executive role, or a clinical role such as nursing jobs or physician jobs, preparing your interview better will surely boost your confident. Below are several tips to ensure you get success in the interview.

Research the Potential Employer

Remind yourself to do the internet research or do a list from information that you get from word-of-mouth. If you know someone who works there, it will be a more advantage for you to spend a few minutes discussing their experience and observations of the company, including corporate culture, values, and any recent business developments. But, you can also try to optimize your network to get a direct connection with someone who does.

Know the Interview Process for the Position You want

Get a hint of how the interview process would be will be good not only for your success, but also for your psychology to be more relax before the interview process begins, since you know what to expect. In order to get a hint, you can ask the recruiter how many interviews are involved, who is the decision makers at each stage of interviews process. This will prevent you from expecting too much after the first interview.

Plan Your Attire

Get dressed formally and professionally is the most appropriate way for an interview. However, this rule may be varied depends on what kind of work that you are applying. More important by far is that you have time to prepare the attire to be cleaned and pressed before the day you are interviewed.

Prepare to Sell Your Strengths and Sell Around Your Weaknesses

Doing interview have the same meaning with selling yourself to an employer. Therefore, you should know your strengths and weaknesses and be able to promote yourself. For example, you can offer solution for improving on your weaker areas or how your strength can compensate for any weak areas.

Prepare a List of Intelligent Questions for the Interviewer

Since the interviewer’s question will usually focus on you as a candidate. Therefore, preparing for professional development questions, such as long-term goals for the role, and company initiatives is necessary instead of asking about the work schedule, compensation plan, or vacation allowance. Good questions should emphasize that you have researched the company.