5 Tips for Changing to a Career in Medicine

Are you thinking to change your career? Or have you ever had a dreamt working in hospital just like in the Grey’s Anatomy’s series you have ever watched? Well, this may be the right time for you to turn your career. To get you more prepare and encourage with medical jobs we provide you with several tips to be followed.

1. How Do I know if this is the Right Thing?

Since going into medical school requires a significant commitment of time and resources. Make sure you have accurate information on which to base your decision.

2. How Realistic is it?

Figure out how you can get into the medical school application process, and how your prior academic record and work experience may affect you.

3. What Can I Do Now to Move Forward?

You will need to build both a strong academic record and a portfolio of relevant experiences. Some things you may be able to begin working on rightways and some will require advanced planning.

4. What Draws Me to Medicine?

Since there are lots of major in medical school, therefore knowing what aspects of the field appeal to you is important. So, remember to assess how well informed you are about careers in the health sciences. You can several ways to figure out if you have an accurate impression of what the practice of medicine is like on a daily basis.

  • Be a volunteer in a hospital, clinic, or other health care setting where you can observe physicians at work and get to know some of them.
  • Find a role model in the same field, for example if you wish to be a cardiac nurse, shadowing some physicians in different specialties and settings.

5. What is my background?

Although, you wish to enter a new career, but it doesn’t mean you have to start it from zero. In fact, you can look for your past experience and discover if there is any relevant work experience that can help to get you through with your new job. Furthermore, if you think that you are too late for this job, don’t be so disappointed since there are some people who start the job in their 40’s and 50’s, but this experience will make you much more mature, reliable, and self-motivated than most younger college students.


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