6 Tips of Job Interview for Medical Job Seeker

The first stage that one must face when they wish to get a job is to be interviewed. This is a crucial stage whatever your job is whether hourly wage job, a high-paying hospital executive role, or a clinical role such as nursing jobs or physician jobs, preparing your interview better will surely boost your confident. Below are several tips to ensure you get success in the interview.

Research the Potential Employer

Remind yourself to do the internet research or do a list from information that you get from word-of-mouth. If you know someone who works there, it will be a more advantage for you to spend a few minutes discussing their experience and observations of the company, including corporate culture, values, and any recent business developments. But, you can also try to optimize your network to get a direct connection with someone who does.

Know the Interview Process for the Position You want

Get a hint of how the interview process would be will be good not only for your success, but also for your psychology to be more relax before the interview process begins, since you know what to expect. In order to get a hint, you can ask the recruiter how many interviews are involved, who is the decision makers at each stage of interviews process. This will prevent you from expecting too much after the first interview.

Plan Your Attire

Get dressed formally and professionally is the most appropriate way for an interview. However, this rule may be varied depends on what kind of work that you are applying. More important by far is that you have time to prepare the attire to be cleaned and pressed before the day you are interviewed.

Prepare to Sell Your Strengths and Sell Around Your Weaknesses

Doing interview have the same meaning with selling yourself to an employer. Therefore, you should know your strengths and weaknesses and be able to promote yourself. For example, you can offer solution for improving on your weaker areas or how your strength can compensate for any weak areas.

Prepare a List of Intelligent Questions for the Interviewer

Since the interviewer’s question will usually focus on you as a candidate. Therefore, preparing for professional development questions, such as long-term goals for the role, and company initiatives is necessary instead of asking about the work schedule, compensation plan, or vacation allowance. Good questions should emphasize that you have researched the company.


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