4 Work Environments for a Child Psychologist

So, are you planning to be a child psychologist? If child psychologist is one of your dream jobs among so many nursing jobs or healthcare jobs, you need to know what places that may hire you as their psychologist, furthermore knowing the environments will help you decide what kind of environment that may suitable with your passion and personality. Here are 4 places that may require child psychologist to work in it.

  • Schools

A child psychologist is commonly found in private or public schools since school psychologists provide counseling, diagnosis and referrals to students with emotional, social or behavioral problems. Teachers, guidance counselors or parents will refer children that may need your psychologist examination. A school psychologist’s job descriptions are usually include assessing potential barriers to learning and work with parents, teachers and other pupil personnel to help to promote the development of healthy communication and social skills, providing assistance to students with anger management problems, and assessing the need for special education services.

  • Research

Some child psychologists who prefer to work in a more conducive environment can work as research psychologists either in universities or public research facilities. The research that you will be conducted is basically about scientific experiments regarding cognitive, behavioral or emotional issues that affected children such as bullying, family issues, developmental disorders or the impact of grief and loss in childhood that will be published as scientific papers for journals.

  • Private Practice

Private practice will be perfect for those who love to work privately with one patient. A private practice usually provides assessment, diagnosis and psychotherapy to children and adolescents with a variety of emotional, social, behavioral and cognitive problems. In fact, you can open your own office and conduct your own practice which is focusing strictly on child and adolescent which interpret psychological tests, including personality, intellectual and neuropsychological test to children. You can also conduct any psychologist therapy which may be needed.

  • Hospitals

Another common place that usually has child psychologists on it is hospitals. This is because any hospital may have pediatric unit of a larger community of university hospital. Hospital psychologists may also have to deal with children and adolescents with brain disorders, such as epilepsy, brain tumors or head and brain injuries.


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