How to be a Great Psych Nurse

Like the old saying that everybody has skeleton in their closet, therefore the profession of psych nurse is necessary to help people undergo their bad experience with the right attitude and mindset. In fact, being a psych nurse is quite challenging compare to other nursing jobs, since psych nursing will cover a lot of awful conditions and mental health illnesses. Therefore, it is necessary for a psych nurse to have some personalities as a therapist like we have revealed in the older post titled 7 personalities a therapist should have. However, besides embracing the right personalities, you should also know how to deal with your patient rightly, such as follows:

1. Listen and Don’t Judge

Listening is a power and not everybody is born as a good listener, therefore if you are not a good one, you better practice. In fact, the biggest mistake that you should avoid when you want to become a great psych nurse is not listen to understand instead of you listen to reply. Remember to touch your patients, sometimes you only need to stay quite if you don’t have any advice and touch them since it really can set them off.

2. Watch your Reaction

Since you will hear and see a lot of unimaginable stories and horrific things about other people’s lives, for instance you may hear things like “I’ve had 15 abortions” or “I got raped for 7 years”, so do not react. As people will notice your reaction as judging and nobody will feel comfortable to be judged.

3. Be careful, your patient can be Highly Manipulative

Do not believe in everything your patient’s say, they can be highly manipulative. For example, an anorexic patient once acknowledge she’d been raped and beaten for 10 years, it was all a lie, extensive investigations done and it was proved she made up fantasies to explain her eating disorder.

4. Be firm

Being firm but positive and clear in your instructions towards patients will be helpful to make sure that every task that is given is accomplished.


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