3 Reasons Why Locum Tenens as a Physician is a Great Idea

Physician Assistant is one of the most needed medical jobs today, no wonder there are a wide opportunity for PAs. However, not many people know that you can also work part time as a Physician Assistant, known as locum tenens. Locum tenens is medical term for a physician, nurse practitioner or PA who works temporary assignments, because of several reasons but often involving travel.

Usually locum tenens are needed by hospitals when their full-time staff is on vacation or leave. Locum tenens also will be hired when hospital management is waiting for a new physician or PA or when a hospital gets too busy and needs extra temporary staff. Whatever the reasons, being a locum tenens is a great idea, especially because of these reasons:

  • Earn Extra Income

Picking up extra shifts here and there means getting extra income to pay off student loans, make an extra house payment or just keep it as a saving for a rainy day. Working locums full time can also be a positive financial move for those interested in making their own schedule but still making a good full-time wage.

  • Explore Different Cities, States and Regions

If you love traveling, being a locum tenens will possible you to move from one city to another city, in fact locums can be a great tour guide. Travelling to a new place because of working will expose you to more than you would see when vacationing.

  • Try a Practice before Signing a Permanent Contact

If you take locum tenens as an extra income to pay your tuition school, you will get more than that since you also will obtain an experience to test drive a potential job before you really make a decision for your permanent job. Through this experience, you will figure out if this is your dream job or there are something else looks more interesting out there.


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