5 Key Facts about Becoming a Dental Assistant

If you find that working with dentists is interesting and cool, but you don’t have any college degree to be a dentist or you are studying to be a dentist and need a part time job to support your study tuition, working as a dental assistant can be a great career among so many medical jobs. Here are 5 facts that can convince you that being a dental assistant is cool.

  1. Dental Assistant Accomplish Many Tasks

The main task of dental assistants is to help the dentist and make sure that the hygienists in the examining room is well maintenance. Besides those main tasks, there are more tasks that a dental assistant should accomplish, such as follows:

  • Sterilize equipment.
  • Handing the dentist his or her tools while he or her is operating.
  • Process X-rays.
  • Perform lab test with the help of the dentist.
  • Organize dental records.
  • Process billing and payment.
  • Schedule appointments.
  • Educate patients about how to keep their teeth clean.
  1. To become a dental assistant you need training, not a degree

Becoming a dental assistant doesn’t require you to take a four-year college degree. However, each country has different requirements for becoming a dental assistant. Usually, colleges who provide a study to be a dental assistant includes, dental terminology, dental anatomy, dental instruments, clinical procedures, and lab skills.

  1. Dental Assistant Use a Variety of Skills

To perform those kinds of tasks, a dental assistant should have several personal qualities in order to be a successful dental assistant.

  • Detail oriented-As a dental assistant, you need to follow important procedures, such as sterilizing a dental exam room.
  • Organized- it is terribly important for a person to have a good organized skill when they want to be a dental assistant, as they need to be able to organize dentist’s tools.
  • People skills- since going to a dentist can be a stressful experience for some people, especially children, therefore a dental assistant should be able to communicate well, both to dentist and patients, so that visit a dentist can be a pleasant experience.
  1. Dental Assistant Career Keeps Increasing

Dental assistant careers are predicted by the bureau of labor statistics to grow over the next ten years. This means there is wide chance and bright future for people who wish to become a dental assistant.

  1. Dental Assistants salaries are vary

There is no salary standard for dental assistant, since it all depends on where you live and your work experience.


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