The 5 health care jobs that will Continue Raising

With our dynamic life, it will be difficult to predict which thing will rise and down, this also works the same in healthcare jobs. Some medical jobs sounds hot today, but it may sound dull or odd in the next ten years. So, in this article we are going to give you hint of 5 health care jobs that will continue raising, at least for the next 10 years.

  • Physical Therapy Assistants/Aides

Physical therapist assistants aid patients who are recovering from injuries and illness regain movement and manage pain, but their work should follow their supervision of physical therapists. To be a physical therapist, one must obtain an associate’s degree from an accredited program to enter the profession. Moreover, one may need to be certified or licensed to enter all states. A physical therapy assistant will acquire median annual pay $ 41,640.

  • Home health Aides

This profession seems like growingly needed since home health aides work to help adults or other individuals with physical or cognitive disabilities to perform their daily activities right on their home. This job doesn’t require any educational requirements. If you are interested to be a home health aides, you will obtain annual pay for $21,380.

  • Audiologists

With the growing of an aging population with hearing disorders and improved survival rates for premature infants, trauma and stroke victims, the demand of audiologist is increasing. Audiologists usually work in hospital settings but some also work in schools, doing early intervention hearing tests for children. An audiologists will acquire annual pay $73,060.

  • Optometrist

Optometrists diagnose and treat diseases and injuries to the eye and other parts of the visual system. They also prescribe corrective lenses are needed. Most optometrists obtain a bachelor’s degree and then pursue a four-year specialized doctorate degree in optometry. An optometrist will usually get $101,410 as annual pay.

  • Nurse Anesthetists, Midwives and Nurse Practitioners

Nurse anesthetists, nurse midwives and nurse practitioners are a specialized level of nurse referred to as advanced practice registered nurses. This kind of job may require advanced registered nurses to have a master’s degree in their area of specialization since they will provide care to patients undergoing anesthesia, pregnant women, and etc. The salary of nurse anesthetists is around $102,670.


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