Wound Care Nurse, Certified Wound Care Nurse Job Description

Wound care nurses are categorized as a relatively new position in the medical field. Nowadays, there are many positions available to fill the need for certified wound care nurses around the world. In fact, with the growing of medical field, there are many wound care nurses are needed and this position is one of the most desirable Nursing Jobs. If you are interested to become one, you may need to know some basic information of wound care nurses.

Wound care nurses (WOC) is also known as continence and ostomy nurses which specialize in the proper management of wound care by treating and monitoring wounds that are the result of disease, injury, or medical treatments. Wound care nurses can work in home or hospitals, in fact, some nurses have to travel to the homes of patients to care for their wounds.

The main job that should be nursed is to provide care that quickly and safely heal various types of wounds, including surgical openings, ulcers, bed sores, feeding tube sites, and abscesses. Due to this, they also have to access the wounds, create and implement treatment plans, monitor infections and signs of various infections, and clean wounds. A wound nurse should respect and delicate when handle the wounds.

Becoming a wound care nurse would require you to receive proper education from accredited colleges or universities. Educational options for entry-level positions include a diploma from a quality hospital or educational, an associate’s degree, or a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Moreover, having certification is very important; especially if you want to increase your marketability and salary potential as a wound care nurse usually earn more money than other types of nurses. They can make average nursing salary of $62,000 annually and can increase depend on your experience. They high paying salaries are reasonable since they have to face unpleasant aspect of being wound care nurses such as the smell and sight of untreated or infected wounds.


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