How to Keep Patients Pain Free

It goes without saying that patient will suffer several pains when visiting a hospital, in fact, pain occurs not only because of sickness, but also it can be caused by any medical treatment. Therefore, it is one of important nursing jobs to keep patients pain free when assessing their sickness or performing any medical treatment since sometimes patients aren’t able to communicate about their pain. Here are several steps that every nurse should follow in order to perform effective pain management.

  1. Assess your own beliefs and think about your past experiences.
  2. Bear in mind that every human being is unique and so your patients are.
  3. Understand your patient and family education properly to learn how to sympathize on them.
  4. Giving support and encouragement to your patients, so that they become active partners in controlling their pain. Let them know that pain control help to aids recovery.
  5. Listen carefully to patient’s complaint of pain.
  6. Figure out if there are any fears related to reporting pain. For instance, patients may fear of having to experience more procedures.
  7. Discover about burning, aching, tightness, discomfort, or throbbing.
  8. Knowing pain scales that may be different for each patient.
  9. Educate your patients that pain elimination and pain control is a difference thing. In fact, dismissing pain while maintaining safety somehow is not realistic.
  10. Communicate with your patient very well to obtain the ‘functional goals’
  11. Consider non-pharmologic methods, such as lighting, positioning, distraction techniques (music, guided imagery), relaxation techniques (breathing, progressive muscle relaxation), and advanced complementary modalities (massage, biofeedback).
  12. Monitor the patient for any adverse reactions, contraindications, and interactions.

This step is given to be formulated and collaborated to reduce and evaluate any pain that are suffered by the patients.


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