3 Things to Embrace as an Emergency Nurse

Today with the help of so many TV dramas, emergency nursing department has become one of the highest profile and most recognizable nursing specialties among other Nursing Jobs. In fact, emergency nurses have an increase in opportunity by about 26% over the next decade. With an average salary of $67,930, emergency nurses become very interesting for those who like challenges. If you are one of them, you need to know several things about emergency nurse.

  • Variety

A person who is working as emergency nurse should get use to fast pace and unpredictability of the work. An emergency nurse also should be able to nurse everyone from newborns to the elderly with every conceivable illness, injury or condition. Due to this, having variety means that emergency nurses need to have top-notch critical thinking skills and be highly proficient in any number of areas.

  • Flexibility and a Sense of Humor

An emergency nurse often has to deal with so many different people with different emotion. While some people are grieving, emergency nurse also should be able to smile to children. Moreover, there are also some people who are not that serious. So, having a sense of humor in the right amount and time will put people at ease.

  • Humanity

There is a big tendency for emergency nurses to become a bit cynical and sarcastic. This can be caused by patient’s bad attitudes, people they’re working with, and how these people may mentor or influence them. Therefore, to overcome this challenge, you need to be introspective and focus on your own motivations and role as a caregiver.

An emergency nurse could potentially lose their humanity and compassion, due to seeing a lot of suffering and a lot of death. Therefore, you need to figure out whether you still experience a certain amount of frustration or cry sometimes. If you happen to undergo some frustration or cry, it means you still have your sense of humanity which is good.


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