4 Nursing Time Management Tips

Nursing jobs is one of the most fast-paced jobs, especially if you work in emergency area. To avoid any frustration due to the amount of works, a nurse should be able to manage their time. Below are several tips of time management that every nurse should know in order to accomplish their tasks and work efficiently.


As a nurse, you should get used to be overwhelmed with a lot of tasks. Due to this, knowing what is your priority is important. In fact, the National Council Licensure Examinations for Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN) focuses a good deal of testing attention on your skills at prioritization. This makes sense, since on the job; practice is the only way to know what comes first at any given moment.

However, bear in mind that safety always comes first. Then, find an effective way that can work very well for patients’ needs while blending in unit responsibilities. For example, you may devise a triage system. Moreover, you may need to expect the unexpected activity, only by this; you can work a few steps ahead. In the end, flexibility is the key component to any prioritization plan.

Be Organized

Be prioritize and disorganized is two different things and hardly can work together. But it is not impossible as you need to know where things are and to keep them that way. In fact, in order to keep all the tasks accomplished in a certain way, you may need a report sheet and write down several thing, such as:

  • Medication times
  • Call back numbers
  • Tests due
  • Special dietary needs
  • Question for doctors and etc.

To make you easily notice certain important tasks, you can mark them with different color of ballpoint.


Some nurses who are quite perfectionists will find it hard to delegate their work to other nurses. They might think that other staff will not do the jobs as good as they do or not as good as it should. However, there are many times where works come at the one time and it is impossible for you to accomplish it all. Therefore, learning how to delegate your tasks appropriately is a must. Unless, you will do other staff works at the expense of a patient.

Take Your Breaks!

With abundant amount of tasks, it is possible for any nurses to run themselves down. A busy works will cause hydration and deplete the energy. Due to this, you may need to take a rest in the midst of works in order to re-collect your thoughts and re-energize. Besides, you also need to maintain a healthy life and know how to separate work from your personal life. All of these efforts will help you gain more stamina during your work.


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