Qualifications for being an Army Nurse

If you think that as a nurse you will spend the rest of your life in a clinic or hospital, well it can be true or wrong. It all depends on what kind of nurses that you are registering for. For example, you will be stationed in larger military or other government facilities, if you wish to become military nurses. In fact, being an army nurse is quite challenging compared to other medical jobs. Here are several reasons why it is challenging:

Education and Experience

To become army nurses, one must possess at least a bachelor’s degree in nursing. You may have this degree before entering the military or commissioned. But, you can also join the Army ROTC in college which gives you double benefits; receiving benefits as you complete your degree and pursue your registered nursing license. Moreover, you may require at least one year of supervised experience or take a course in public health nursing. All nurses must also get a RN license.

Physical Requirements

It goes without saying that army nurses must meet the requirements of regular Army members. In fact nurses may have to take a physical fitness test every six months.  Due to this, someone must be between 21 and 42 years old when applying as army nurses.

Time and Travel

If you are committed to register as army nurses, you must be able to serve for at least a three-year commitment. After three years, most nurses usually will be put in a new place every three years. There are also additional travels to help with emergency situation as they arise. You will get 2.5 days of vacation a month, but you may need to consider on how much time you can take off at a time or how far you can travel. All of this work will need you to sacrifice having any holidays with family members or missing special events.


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