The Role and Salary of a Nurse in a Nursing Home

Are you an ordinary nurse who usually spends the rest of your day in hospital but wishes to get additional money? Well, you need to start thinking on finding side jobs. For example you can take a part time job in a nursing home. In this article, we will give you a brief description about nurse’s role and their salary in nursing home. This information is helpful for any nurses who are looking for part time or permanent jobs. Below is some information that may help you in finding the right role for you.

Nursing Aides and Assistants

Nursing aides and assistants have to be able to handle basic tasks under the direction of licensed practical nurses. The nursing jobs are range from maintaining patient records, such as dietary care, bedsore prevention, collecting samples to personal hygiene duties. These include brushing residents’ teeth, bathing them, combing hair, changing clothes and shaving them. Moreover, they also need to assist the aged residents to the bathroom and change bedpans and emptying catheters. The average pay for a Certified Nurse Assistant is AU$20.72 per hour or AU $46452 annually.

Licensed Practical Nurses

Basically, LPNs also work under the supervision of registered nurses. This makes them sometimes perform the same tasks as the nursing assistant. However, Licensed Practical Nurses can perform more advances duties than nursing assistants. These include monitoring the respiration, blood pressure, temperature, oxygen levels and heart rates of their patients, giving injections, and administrating medications. LPNs can earn AU$22.75-$27 per hour.

Registered Nurses

The highest position in nursing homes is hold by registered nurses. Registered Nurses (RN) will not focus their attention on detail work, such as the immediate needs of patients. They are in charge to keep their eye on general needs and be responsible on each patient’s overall health and medical histories. They aim that every residents get the best care possible. However, when it is needed RNs should be able perform basic duties or any advanced activities. A registered nurse can take home at least AU$30.89/hour or AU$57755 annually.


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