Becoming a Rehabilitation Nurse and How Much It is paid

The demand for rehabilitation nursing is growing. This can be driven by the large baby boomer population and longer life expectancy. In fact, other activities can also cause a person requires rehabilitation services, such as sports injuries, strokes, and chronic diseases. If you are interested to become a rehabilitation nurse, you may need to know what kind of nursing jobs that a rehabilitation nurse is responsible for.

What is Rehabilitation Nurse?

A Rehabilitation nurse works to help patients suffering from disabling injuries or illnesses live relatively normal and independent lives. The main point is to help patient regains their abilities which is lost or they may have never had. They train their patient so that they can reach their potential through recognizing their abilities and limitations.

Rehabilitation nurses must be able to motivate their patient. This is aimed to make patients feel empowered to reach seemingly impossible goals. As a rehab nurse, you will frequently get to witness patients push past their own limits and overcome exceptional odds. Because you will typically work with the same patients on a regular basis, you will also get the chance to establish relationship with patients and their loved ones.

As a nurse in rehabilitation, you should get familiar with a number of different disabilities and have several responsibilities. Moreover, your concern is not only about patients’ physical needs, but you also need to put attention on their emotional needs.

You will need a basic nursing skill to help you accomplish your daily activities as a rehabilitation nurse. The main jobs usually include changing bandages and dressings, caring for wounds, and administer medication. Toiletries duties sometimes are also part of rehabilitation nurse’s jobs.

If you are interested to become a rehabilitation nurse, you need to earn your nursing degree as your first step. Moreover, you also need to take several courses in rehabilitation and disabilities. However, you will need to be at least a registered nurse, in order to become a Certified Rehabilitation Nurse.

In addition, your salary as a rehabilitation nurse will depend on whether you are a registered nurse or not. If you are a registered nurse, you will earn an average wage of AU$30.89 per hours. However, if you are not a registered nurse your salary is under AU$30.


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