4 Tips for Nursing Job Interviews

Preparation is everything when it comes to your first nursing job interviews. In fact, showing up prepared for the interview is an important step toward success. So, right know you may realize how important your interview is, right? To help getting through your job interviews excellently, we have provided 4 tips which hopefully will be valuable.

Ask the Right Questions

Don’t hesitate to ask some important questions about yourself. These questions will help giving you description whether this kind of job is what you’re really interested in doing. According to Sara Charlton, Nurse Recruiter at The Right Solutions, there are some questions which are worth to ask for:

  • What’s the nurse turnover rate, and, if it’s high, why? “If it is a troubled floor, then it is good to know walking in,” she says.
  • What’s the facility’s parking situation? You’ll need to budget, if you’re expected to pay for parking, she says.
  • Do they offer a scrub allowance? “Most hospitals realize that a scrub allowance can be a nice perk to their employees,” she explains.

Tell a Story

Besides talking about your soft skills, such as compassion and caring, you could also demonstrate a couple of examples that highlight all of your skills. Selling your lifetime experience of saving lives in a story is a great idea. However, finding a way that highlights both expertise and compassion is also necessary.

Look Sharp

Today, giving the right first impression is as important as showing strong clinical skills. So, choosing the right outfit becomes important. For example, it is better to wear blue or gray suit, or conservative dress. Furthermore, it is appropriate for a nursing interview and always keeps jewelry and perfume or cologne to a minimum. For women, wearing stylish low-heeled shoes is best for the event.

Stay Enthusiastic

It is easy for interviewers to fall into a routine and makes their spirits down. Therefore, schedule your interviews is important to avoid this thing. By scheduling your interviews, you can take some time to recharge between the interviews.


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