5 Dressing Tips for New Nurses

People say first impression last and as a nurse you want people address you as a competent and professional nurse, right? In this article, we present you several tips that you should keep your eyes on. These tips will help you get professional outlook when you perform your hospital jobs.

  1. Follow the dress code policy

No matter, what your uniform colors are, make sure you adhere to the nursing uniform policy. You may want to stretch the boundaries of the policy because “everyone else is”, but don’t succumb to it. Be a professional and try to stick to the policy.

  1. Wear Patient Population-Appropriate Attire

Even though, some children-patients would love to see nurses that wear SpongeBob SquarePants uniform jackets or Scooby Doo tops. But, that will drive adults-patient crazy. So, unless you work with pediatric patients, it is not appropriate. Just don’t it. Please.

  1. Be careful with your undergarments

Since most of nurse should wear white uniform, you better choose the right undergarments color that will not show through. Nude colors can be the perfect choice to show professionalism instead of bold colors such as hot pink and black.

Moreover, you should need to watch out your underwear usage. Avoid using a thong since it will look like a whale’s tail when you bend over and only the top of thong is showing. This will make people show a little respect to you.

  1. Minimize Accessories

Wearing too much jewelry and make up will distract people attention onto what you are wearing not to what you’re saying.

  1. Say No to Hoodies

Everyone may agree that hoodies are comfortable; they are warm and have many pockets. But, remember that you are not allowed to use it at work. A nurse who wears dirty hoodies with holes in them looks sloppy and unprofessional. You surely don’t want your patient see you as an incompetent nurse.


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