How Many Hours Do Registered Nurses Work?

Registered nurse is the most needed Nursing Jobs in hospitals and among others health care facilities. The existence of registered nurse is needed to ensure patients receive the medical care they need to make a full recovery. Moreover, registered nurses are also needed to take care of patients who are suffering from an illness or injury, and to assist individuals who are in need of assisted living, such elderly individuals.

Below is some information that you may need to know about registered nurses:

Part Time Registered Nurses

According to FLSA(Fair Labor Standards Act), employees who work more than 40 hours must be paid overtime. For those registered nurses who are considered part-time will work less hours, get less hourly wages, and fewer benefits.

Income Expectations

The income expectations  of a registered nurse is determined by some factors, such as the state the registered nurse works in, the demand for nurses in the area, the number of hours the registered nurse works per week and any overtime the registered nurse accrues. But under normal circumstances, the average salary for registered nurse in Sydney, Australia is $73,910.

Demand and Opportunities

Registered nurse is in demand; this high demand career path has provided new nurses. If you are students interested in starting a career in the nursing field, the health care sector offers a wide array of choices and fields of specialty from emergency room nursing to forensics and geriatric care to travel nursing the possibilities are endless.

Moreover, most of registered nurses choose to work in or specialize in the competition for certain spots. This makes it difficult for less experienced nurses to compete with those who have a higher education background and/or more working experience.

So, for those who want to be registered nurses should gain the necessary skills and experience required. This will be helpful to fill better positions in nursing fields at their local hospitals and health care organizations.



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