Job Duties and Salary hint for “Respiratory Therapist”

Is helping others with respiratory problem your dream job? If yes, then becoming a respiratory therapist will be interesting. Moreover, employment growth for respiratory therapist is faster than average. So, you don’t have to be worry about the job opportunities, as it is as good as other medical jobs. Working as a respiratory therapist will enable you to earn $47,843-48,197 per year. If you are interested to become one, you may need to know some of respiratory therapist job duties, such as follows:

  1. Manage to operate devices such as mechanical ventilators, therapeutic gas administration apparatus, environmental control systems, and aerosol generators, following specified parameters of treatment.
  2. Perform emergency care, including artificial respiration, external cardiac message and assistance with cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
  3. Helping physicians’ orders, to determine requirements for treatment such as duration of therapy, precautions to be taken, and medication and dosages, compatible with physicians’ orders.
  4. Monitor patient’s physiological reaction to therapy, such as vital signs, arterial blood gases, and blood chemistry changes.
  5. Read prescription
  6. Enforce safety rules and ensure careful
  7. Help patients in performance of breathing exercises and performing bronchopulmonary drainage.
  8. Conduct tests, such as electrocardiograms, stress testing, and lung capacity tests, to evaluate patients’ cardiopulmonary functions.
  9. Ensuring equipment is functioning safely and efficiently by inspecting, cleaning, test and maintaining respiratory therapy equipment. Therefore, you can order any repairmen when necessary.
  10. Obtain optimum results in therapy by performing pulmonary function and adjusting equipment.
  11. Keep charts that contain patients’ pertinent identification and therapy information.
  12. Apply a variety of testing techniques to support doctors in cardiac and pulmonary research and to diagnose disorders.
  13. Teach, train, supervise, and utilize the assistance of students, respiratory therapy technicians, and assistants.

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