Vocational Nurse Job Description and Salary Hint

Vocational nurse or also known as Licensed Vocational Nurse is strictly performed under the surveillance of a doctor or a registered nurse. If you are looking for this kind of job, you better read the following description of vocational nurse.

General Description of Vocational Nurses

You will find vocational nurses work in hospitals, nursing homes and other medical and healthcare facilities. They usually work under the supervision of a registered nurse, physician’s assistant or doctor. Their nursing jobs range from changing bandages to providing medical comfort and care for patients by checking vital statistics.

If you are interested to be a vocational nurse, you must take a 1 year accredited nursing program. You can attend this program through community colleges and technical schools. After getting certification, LVNs must get licensure by taking the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN). As a vocational nurse, one can earn for about AU$49,722 per year. The bonus that is received will reach at about AU$2,048, and the total annual payment will be then estimated to range between AU$26,653 and AU$65,463 per year. The median hourly wage that is present in Australia for an LVN will be estimated to range between AU$9.28 and AU$30.62 per hour. In time, it is estimated to increase reaching to be comprised between AU$19.10 and AU$57.38 per hour.

But becoming a vocational nurse is not only about getting the formal certificate, but it also about having good skills, such as follows:

  • Compassion: having a good empathy is necessary for this job. This is because you will work with people who are confused, in pain or sick.
  • Attention to detail: LVNs should work in detail to get the right information about patient. So, at the end the patient can get the right treatment.
  • Interpersonal Skills: As LVNs will interact with people from so many different backgrounds, being personable, speaking clearly in a friendly manner, and listening to their needs and concerns is imperative.
  • Patience: patient is needed when dealing with patients who are in pain or scared.
  • Stamina: you need to have a good stamina to enhance your performance. LVNs stand on their feet for long periods.

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