Medical Sonographer Job Description and Salary Hints

Medical world offers so many healthcare jobs that you can choose for. One of them is Sonographer. Sonographer usually works with an equipment to diagnose disease and illness. The most common type includes magnetic resonance imaging and x-rays. You can also find that some other might use radio waves, including sonography or better known as ultrasonography. This technology uses sound waves to produce an image. Later, the image can be assessed to provide a diagnosis of different medical conditions. Sonography is frequently thought of in connection with obstetrics but it can be used in a variety of other applications.

Medical Sonographer Job Responsibilities

Sonographers work with special equipment to direct high frequently sound waves into areas of the body. This sound wave will produce echoes that can be collected in order to form an image. The image can be seen through a video tape or photographed. This image will be used by a doctor to do a further interpretation.

As a sonographer, you are responsible for choosing the correct equipment settings and leading patient to move into positions that will produce the best view. To assist in the transmission of sound waves, sonographers usually apply a special gel onto the skin area being examined.

The scan is aimed for searching any suspicious cues that signify unhealthy areas from healthy areas. Moreover, sonographers may also take measurements, then calculate and analyze the result before giving the findings to doctors.

Besides working with patients, a sonographer also has to take medical records and maintain and adjust equipment. Other duties include evaluating the purchase of equipment, preparing work schedules and managing a diagnostic or sonography department.

Medical Sonographer Salary Hint

Some sonographers prefer to take specialize in abdominal sonography, obstetrics and gynecology sonography, neurosonography or breast sonography. Their specialties may affect to their salary. However, in general a sonographer can earn an average wage of AU$47.70 per hour. With more experience, additional training and responsibility, you can earn more than the average wage.


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