Medical Transcriptionist Job Description and Salary Hint

There is a wide range of hospital jobs that you can choose as your job, for example is by becoming a medical transcriptionist. Medical transcriptionist is one of the medical officer jobs as they rarely interact with patient.

Medical transcriptionist main function is to listen to audio files made by physicians and other health care personnel.  These audio files must be transcribed into accurate electronic medical reports, correspondence, and administrative materials. Their work tools are head set and they can use a foot pedal to pause the recordings. To avoid any grammar and clarity errors, the medical transcriptionist must carefully edit this text. So, at the end of the day, the medical transcriptionist can produce documents that include the following reports: discharge summaries, physical examination reports, medical history reports, operative reports, autopsy reports, and consultation reports.  After completing the report, the medical transcriptionist returns the electronic files to the health professionals for correction and signatures. This important document will become patient’s permanent medical file.

Medical Transcriptionist Job Responsibilities

A medical transcriptionist should also master body of knowledge. These include a strong grasp of medical terminology, pharmacology, anatomy, physiology, and diagnostic procedures. Therefore, medical transcriptionist must be familiar enough with the medical language to translate jargon and abbreviations to the formal form. Medical transcriptionists often use written and electronically research materials to find answers to questions. This profession is one in which the person is always learning and expanding their knowledge. Additionally, this professional must adhere to legal requirements for medical report style and confidentiality requirements.

Medical Transcriptionist Salary and Wages

The average wage for a Medical Transcriptionist is $15.19 per hour. The middle half of the profession earned between $13.00 and $18.00. The lowest one will be $10.76. But, if you have more experience, you can earn make more money, $21.00 or more per hour.


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