List of Documents for Travel Nurse Jobs

Many people say that good preparation is halfway of success. This is what every highly competitive travel nursing jobs do. They prepare every important document ready to go. In fact, stay organized is the essential element for becoming a travel nurse since your work demand more mobile compared to other nursing jobs.

So, if you are a first-timers travel nurse who wants to know what makes you become a highly competitive travel nurse, you can read the following passage.

For your information, you may also need additional documentary depends on your specialty and the facility. But those additional documents will be informed later when you are a little further along in the hiring process. Here are lists of basic requirements that you can prepare now:

  1. Copies of all active professional licenses for those states that are not yet paperless – a reminder: please don’t send originals, photocopies of your licenses – front and back are all that is needed. Find a list of state nursing boards.
  2. Titre results with lab values for the following:
  • Rubeola
  • Rubella
  • Varicella
  • Hep C, Hep B and Mumps titres may also be required, so if you have had any of these drawn, send in your results. If you don’t bring along this stuff, you may find yourself drawn as soon as you are notified that they are required.

    – Documentation of an annual seasonal influenza vaccination
    – Documentation including implantation date, read date and mm of your last two or three PPD’s
    – BCLS card is an important thing for all travel nurses. Depends on your specialty, you may also need ACLS and PALS.
    – Bring along any physician statement completed within 12 months prior to your start date.
    – Respirator Fit Test.

Remember for always bringing along the copy and don’t forget to copy the front and back of all two-sided documents.


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