Medical Director Job Description and Salary Hints

As the medical practice landscape evolves, the role of healthcare jobs play in the nonclinical setting is becoming more complex as the medical practice landscape evolves, especially, the job of head medical/medical director. It has more responsibilities and duties compared to other medical jobs. A medical director in Sydney, Australia can earn $113,791 per year. This salary is considered as good but there is always great responsibility on every great salary.  Below are lists of job functions, duties, and responsibilities of head medical that you might want to know.

Main functions of a medical director:

  • Holds the senior medical administrative position in a medical group practice.
  • Responsible for a number of activities related to the delivery of medical care and clinical services such as cost management, utilization review, quality assurance, and medical protocol development.
  • Oversees the activities of group physicians, including the recruiting and credentialing processes
  • Reports to the physician CEO/president and/or to the governing body of the organization

Directorship Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Attend standing meetings
  • Develop and manage a budget, including presenting monthly financial reports to practice staff with the support of administration
  • Monitor quality and appropriateness of medical care
  • Provide guidance and leadership for performance guidelines
  • Develop policies and procedures
  • Manage strategic development
  • Oversee clinical peer review
  • Oversee documentation and care planning
  • Manage physician relations and/or representation
  • Handle clinical patient complaints
  • Address emergency issues
  • Support physician education
  • Manage community relations
  • Handle physician behavior and impairment issues

Medical director compensation

Most of the time, medical directors spend their time in an administrative capacity. Therefore, they usually receive a monthly stipend, an hourly rate or an annual compensation, but the compensation they receive will depend on their group’s specialty and the scope of responsibility. For example, a medical director can obtain additional compensation of directorship duties for three to five hours per week of directorship duties.


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