Cardiovascular Technologist Job Description and Salary Hint

Cardiovascular technologist is one among so many medical jobs that you can find nowadays. This jobs work to detect any disease related to heart. To find out more information about it, you can take a look on the information below.

Job Descriptions
As a cardiovascular technologist, you will aid physicians in diagnosing and treating heart, lung, and blood vessel disorders by conducting invasive and non-invasive diagnostic test of cardiovascular and pulmonary systems; maintaining equipment; recording test results.

In more details, cardiovascular technologist job duties are:

  • Registers patients by entering anticipated service date into the patient record; verifying medical history.
  • Serve the patients by welcoming them; answering their questions; responding to requests.
  • Helping physicians wind a catheter through a patient’s blood vessel to the heart.
  • Completes electro-cardio-grams by attaching electrodes to the patient’s chest, arms, and legs; manipulating switches on a electrocardiograph machine to obtain a reading.
  • Completes treadmill stress tests by connecting patient to an EKG monitor; obtaining a baseline heart-rate reading and resting blood pressure; increasing the speed of the treadmill; observing the effect of increased exertion.
  • reporting any hazardous or potentially dangerous conditions; responding to equipment breakdowns; troubleshooting problems; calibrating equipment; following preventive maintenance procedures; anticipating repair requirements; calling for repairs.
  • Ensuring that all equipment works properly and following operating instructions.
  • Keeping patient’s documents by completing patient records, forms, reports, logs, and other records.

There are many specializations that one can take as a cardiovascular technologist. They can learn to become a cardio-graphic technician, catheterization, cardiac sonographer and vascular technologist. Moreover, a cardiovascular tech is also known as echo cardiographers, but there is a main difference between the two. Cardiovascular tech can have the opportunity to work in a physician’s office while Ultrasound tech will work with expensive equipment daily to help diagnose cardiac disease.

Salary Hints
A cardiac technician can make an annual salary for $42,480, as of January 30, 2017, with a range usually between $35,788-$56,190. But, the salary can differ widely depending on a variety of factors.


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