Chief Nurse Job Description and Salary Hint

With number of nurses in a hospital, nursing jobs are becoming more specialized. Therefore, the need of one managerial position is necessary. The highest position in nursing managerial is chief nursing. If you wish to become one, you better read the qualifications below:

CNO Duties and Responsibilities

The main responsibility of CNOs is supervising nurses and nurse managers. You also need to facilitate the design, implement the delivery of patient care and recommend strategies to improve services. In the long run, you need to reach established goals, maintain satisfactory outcomes and contribute to profitability.

Here are more specific CNO duties and responsibilities of Chief Nurse:

  • Make a positive, collaborative work environment
  • Developing and implementing objectives, policies and procedures
  • Make sure that operations comply with established standards and regulations
  • Preparing and overseeing business reports, including annual budgets
  • Guiding staff and acting as resource to colleagues
  • Directing personnel functions, including recruiting, hiring and retention of staff and handling disciplinary actions

Requirements and Qualifications for CNOs

Usually, CNO is part of the executive team which reports to a facility’s chief executive or operations officer. If you want to be a chief nurse, you should have at least a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. Moreover, you also need to have a leadership experience and management positions with increasing responsibility. Budgeting is also one of knowledges that you should understand.

CNO Characteristics and Skills

Continuous improvement is a thing that you should perform. Therefore, you need to have the ability to lead teams of varying size and levels of aptitude. In addition, you also need to become the spokesperson for nursing.

As a chief nurse job, one should have some characteristics, such as flexibility, a high degree of organization. Besides, you have to be able to adapt quickly, work long hours, and perform strong work ethic.

On the other hand, a nurse chief will need to obtain several vital skills. They are business and mathematics, data analysis, communication, creativity, critical thinking and effective problem solving.

CNO Salary Range

The average pay for a Director, Nursing is AU$109,493 per year. There are some factors that may affect the salary amount, such as location, education and experience.


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