5 Study Tips That Will Make Nursing School Easier

In order to get good health careers, such as nursing jobs, one must study nursing school first. But for some people nursing school is quite challenging. If you are one among those people, these tips are for you. Figure out ways to overcome your nurse study easier bellows:

  1. Think in terms of action, not facts
    It is common for nurse to think why certain conditions occur and what is happening physiologically in a patient. But, in most cases, patient doesn’t want to know the facts; they just want to feel better. So, when you are studying for the nursing exam, ask yourself, “How will I help my patient with this information?” By this way, you can be a better nurse, besides being a better student.
  1. Skim-Read First
    Reading is a must in nursing school, but it will be terribly difficult to try remembering everything on it. In fact, you will end up frustrated because of it. So, you better skim the material first before you read a chapter. To grab the idea within minutes, you can read the headings, subheadings and highlighted terms. Then, review the summaries and questions at the end of the chapter.
  1. Use Outside Sources
    Find other resources and read it as a preview of your studies. For instance, if you are learning about diabetes, review the Mayo Clinic, WebMD and American Diabetes Association websites. However, you need to bear in mind that your textbook and instructor is the correct authority.
  1. Form a Study Group
    Like the old saying, two head is better than one. This saying is proven by a research to be true. Research shows that students who study with peers retain approximately 90% of what they learn, as opposed to just 60% of what they hear in class alone and just 10% of what they read. Moreover, studying together also provides encouragement and moral support. So, find or create a study group and improve your performance.
  1. Use Downtime as Study Time
    As nursing studies require a lot of memorization, you need learning techniques that can help you remember those facts. One of the techniques is by using flashcards or notes. Tape those notes on the most seen spot. Eventually, you will remember those facts by heart.

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