How to Balance Work Life and School (for Nurse)

For some people, somehow nursing schools is quite expensive. Therefore, some nursing students decide to work as a nurse assistant or other part-time nursing jobs to support their tuition. If this is so typically you, you need to know how to balance your life, between work and school. Only by this, you can survive and become the best of both worlds.

Be organized
The top thing that you should do is having a good management. This means you need to get organized and stay organized. Besides, you can write down on all your schedule and assignments on a planner or a calendar. If it is necessary, you can also set your alarms or alerts to remind you at important things.

Communication is Essential
Since you should live in both worlds, you need to make sure that each schedule doesn’t overlap one and another. If your work schedule disturbs your school, you need to communicate with your employer about having any flexibility. In fact, you must keep the line of communication open with your employer. This will help you when you need a day off to study before a  big exam or need to leave early.

Set a Study Schedule
Remember that your nursing school schedules can change every 8-16 weeks. This is why you need to have a consistent study schedule when maintaining a job.

Look on the Bright Side
Even though, having any part-time job usually is not allowed during nursing school. However, it can be a relief and a “break” from nursing school. Besides, you will also get other benefits such as money and knowledge. This knowledge may come in handy throughout your entire nursing career. But, always remember that nursing programs are extremely demanding programs that require dedication and motivation to be successful.


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