Endoscopy Nurse Careers and Salary Outlook

In this article, we are going to describe the role of endoscopy nurse. Compared to other nursing jobs, the growth opportunity for this job in the following years is pretty high. This is related to aging population, a rise in obesity and other chronic health conditions.

Endoscopy nurse will work within the endoscopy unit of a hospital. But, they also work at other medical institution which endoscope treatment is needed. Endoscopy nurse works with miniature cameras to view problems within the body, especially in the genitourinary system or digestive system. Moreover, they are also referred to as gastroenterology nurses due to the area of focus during procedures.

As an endoscopy nurse, you should take-care lots of health issue, but there are 4 main tasks. They include:

  • The assessment of procedures to get patients ready for treatment,
  • preparing medication before administering to patients,
  • monitoring the patient during treatment being performed by a physician, or other medical personnel,
  • Post-procedure assessments, which are used as a sign that the patient needs further care or emergency attendance.

If you are interested to become an endoscopy nurse, you can practice in a private clinic. You can also work at hospital, or another type of medical facility in which they need any endoscope job. Since this job will expose you to any spreadable illness, it is a must for you to stay hygiene and sterile at all times.

To be an endoscopy nurse, one must pass the NCLEX-RN examination for certification as a registered nurse. Further training and certification in the field of endoscopy are also needed in some states and institutions.  But some other medical facilities will only ask for experience.

In Washington DC, an endoscopy nurse can earn an average nurse salary for $78,000. This makes Washington becomes the first high paying salary for endoscopy nurse. While in Australia, an endoscopy nurse can get $65000 to $85000 per annum job references.


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