Certified Hemodialysis Nurse Job Description and Salary Outlook

Hemodialysis nurses focus on treating patients with kidney failure. Hemodialysis nurses can work together with other medical staff in home or hospital settings. But generally, hemodialysis technicians work primarily in dialysis centers and clinics alongside other medical staff, including doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, nutritionists, and other specialists.Their main health jobs are to diagnose and assist in the dialysis treatment of patients with kidney failure. Moreover, you will also operate some technical medical equipment. Therefore, you need a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a registered nursing license. If you are interested to becoming a certified hemodialysis nurse, you can read the following information:

Hemodialysis Nurse Job Description

Through hemodialysis treatment, nurses are trusted with assisting patients living with kidney failure. Kidney dialysis treatment is performed on the patient by removing harmful waste from the bloodstream when the patient’s kidneys cannot perform this function. After conduct the operation, a hemodialysis nurse still has to monitor the balance of fluid for their patient and take care for them daily.

Hemodialysis Nurse Job Requirements

As it is written in the above passage, a bachelor’s degree is needed. Moreover, they also have to take some training and knowledge with the human kidney. In some medical, they will provide you with pre-employment examinations before they hire.

The job certification can be required through accredited nursing agencies such as the Board of Nephrology Examiners and Nursing Equipment (BONENT). With this certificate, one will get nursing job easily and get recognition from their medical peers.

Career Outlook and Salary Info

Certified Hemodialysis Technicians in the United States take home an average $15.28 per hour. In Australia, hourly rate for hemodialysis nurse is AU$27.72-AU$46.36. However, with more experience and developed skills, you will get better salary. However, the salary will go down noticeably for the few employees with more than 20 years’ experience.


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