Credentialing: Things Medical Staff Leaders Need to Know

Credentialing is one of the new duties in medical jobs that every staff has to accomplish once they take part as a new medical staff leader. Even though, they may have known about credentialing as an applicant but they might not understand the behind-the-scenes workings of credentialing. If you are medical staff who wants to know more about credentialing, you can read the following truths about credentialing:

  • The difference between credentialing and privileging.

Some people still confuse in differentiating between credentialing and privileging.  However, the two processes are distinct. Credentials relate to practitioners’ qualification to practice medicine as a prerequisite for consideration of granting clinical privileges. Privileges are given to people in organization to practice based on their training and experience. But not all practitioners who are credentialed are privileged. For example, a practitioner may wish to remain affliated with a hospital as a member of the medical staff, but no longer provides clinical care at the hospital as a member of the medical staff, but no longer provides clinical care at the hospital and therefore does not need privileges.

  • The importance of having every piece of paper in the file.

Dianna Ruppel , CPMSM, CPCS, manager of medical staff services at NuHealth encourages the department chairs at her facility to contact other facilities’ department chairs who owe affliation letters on an applicant. Ideally, this will prompt a response from one colleague to another, completing the affiliation.

  • Practitioners’ ability to shape the credentialing process through medical staff governance documents.

Physician leaders need to


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