Advanced Dental Hygiene Job Description and Salary Outlook

Advanced dental hygiene title is relatively a new title. Actually, advanced dental hygiene is a licensed dental professional, registered with a dental association, or regulatory body within their country of practice. This health job provides full oral health care. Advanced dental hygiene can work independently or alongside dentists and other dental professionals. To get more detail about dental hygiene health jobs, you can take a look on the passage bellows:

Job Duties for an Advanced Dental Hygiene Practitioner

In general, the advanced dental hygiene practitioner is trained to provide oral healthcare beyond a general dental hygienist’s duties. They have the training and education that focus and specialize in the prevention and treatment of oral disease. Usually, dental hygiene work in rural regions or with populations that don’t have ready access to dentists. Therefore, they also will perform some basic restorative services, such as applying temporary crowns and prescribing antibiotics or painkillers. In addition they also provide diagnostic examinations.

How to be an Advanced Dental Hygiene

This job will require you to get state license. In fact, each state has its own prerequisites for licensure. Generally, common licensure requirements include completion of a dental hygiene degree program, and passing both the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination and any regional or state clinical exams.

After get the license, dental hygienists have also obtained a minimum number of years of work experience to enter into a master’s program for advanced study of dental hygiene.

Other Areas

Here are some medical areas that relate to dentistry which dental hygienist can be involved in:

  • Marketing and sales: They can promote dental products and services through dental companies as a dental company representative.
  • Professional education: They are able to provide education by teaching and training dental hygiene students and dental assistants. They can also choose to present research at a variety of different events and seminars within their industry.
  • Community health: They provide assistance and group talks in community dental clinics, residential care, hospitals and nursing homes. For example: helping clients that suffer from medical and mental disorders.
  • Research: They can carry out clinical studies and trials alongside specialists in teaching institutions.
  • Military dentistry: They are able to provide dental care to service members and their dependents or to civilians during humanitarian disasters.

Salary Outlook

Advanced dental hygiene can earn at least $72,330 as a median annual wage. However, difference cities and countries may have different offer.


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