Genetic Counseling: Jobs Duties, Salaries and Requirements

In this opportunity, we will serve you with a job description for Genetics Counselor. This is aimed for help you discover if this medical job is the position that you are looking for. But, first of all, you have to know that being a genetic counselor will require you a significant formal education. In fact, a master’s degree is required in the field. If you are interested in knowing more about genetic counseling, you can dive deeper into more detail information below.

Definition of Genetic Counseling
In general, genetic counselors will give advice to individuals and families for hereditary diseases and disorders in patients. Along with providing counseling, if it is necessary they also will conduct genetic testing and other genetic treatment.

Genetic Counselor Requirements
As it is stated above, formal education is terribly important if you would like to be a genetic counselor. These people must finish a master’s degree program in genetic counseling. Due to the small number of accredited programs, graduate schools often have a highly selective admission process. Some genetic counselor should also be provided with licensure. This licensure will be needed to submit documented experience and pass a state examination.

In the future, genetic counselors which are experts in research for birth defects and hereditary illnesses will be in demand. A combination of a master’s degree and certification is the best way to enter the profession.

Job duties
By becoming a genetic counseling, you can perform many tasks. But there are some jobs that will be your common tasks, such as follow:

  • Analyze genetic information to identify patients or families at risk for specific disorders or syndromes.
  • Explain diagnostic procedures such as chorionic villus sampling (CVS), ultrasound, fetal blood sampling, and amniocentesis.
  • Serve genetic counseling in specified areas of clinical genetics such as obstetrics, pediatrics, oncology and neurology.
  • Determine or coordinate treatment plans by requesting laboratory services, reviewing genetics or counseling literature, and considering histories or diagnostic data.
  • Interpret laboratory results and communicate findings to patients or physicians.

Salary Information for Genetic Counselors
The medial annual salary for Genetics Counselor is $69,458 with a range usually between $62,716-$77,298. But, other factors, such as experience and location will influence your salary.


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