Pharmacy Technician Job Description and Salary Outlook

If working behind the table is your favorite, then becoming pharmacy technicians might suit you. This hospital job will require you to work with pharmacists to help prepare and give out prescription medication.  To know more detail about pharmacy technician job description, education requirements, and salary outlook, you can read the following information.

Job Description

  • Take prescriptions over the phone and in person,
  • Work with health professionals and customers,
  • Help mix medicines,
  • Count pills,
  • Measure medication,
  • Label and give instructions for medicine,
  • Take payments.

Education requirements
To become a pharmacy technician, you must have at least a high school diploma or GED. Moreover, you also might have to pass an exam or take a training class. But this depends on the state you work in. Most of your training will be done on the job. In order to get ahead of the competition, you can take associate degree or vocational courses in pharmacy.

Job Skills and Requirements

  • Attention to Detail: This is important as filling a wrong prescription can cause fatal problem to patient. Therefore, pharmacy technician should pay close attention and stay focus on what they are doing. This will keep away any error, so that customers stay safe.
  • Customer Service Skills: Every day, you will be talking to customers and healthcare professionals, answering questions and relaying information to pharmacists. Hence, having a good listening skill will help. Moreover, you should be able to speak to customers in a pleasant and cheerful way.
  • Organization: As you have to be able to communicate in both worlds, pharmacists and customers, therefore you will have many responsibilities to balance their duties.

Salary Outlook
In US, the average wage of pharmacy technician is $12.68 per hour. While in Australia, people who work as pharmacy technician earn an average wage of AU$21.28 per hour.


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