Clinical Nurse Specialist Job Description and Salary Information

Are you a good problem solver and love to care for others? If yes, this job is for you! A clinical nurse specialist is also part of nursing jobs but with bigger responsibilities. This job requires good ability to handle a complex problem and take on a leadership role. One of the best parts of being a CNS is the ability to work in a specialized area of health care, like acute care nursing or geriatric nursing. If you are interested to become a CNS, you need to know several things regarded to this job.

What does a clinical nurse specialist do?
A clinical nurse specialist’s job is far from simple and straightforward tasks. They have to consider that everything cost-saving measures. Then, improve practices and outcomes. In general, a clinical nurse specialist’s jobs include:

  • Make decisions on where to allocate staff and resources
  • Incorporate practices to promote staff teamwork
  • Analyze patient data and outcomes
  • Participate with colleagues on new research
  • Educating patients and families on how to best manage their conditions
  • Develop specialized treatment plans after patient examinations
  • Optimizing patient care by working with nursing staff.

What Education or Certification will I need to become a Clinical Nurse Specialist?
Since a clinical nurse specialist is one of the four advanced nursing practices, so it will require a significant schooling such as earning a Master of Science in Nursing degree (MSN). You can attend either online or traditional classroom setting; it depends on your flexibility.

You may also require a certification. Hence, you can take the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) certifies CNSs who meet eligibility requirements. Even though, in some states the certification is required, but still it is highly recommended for you to have one.

Salary Information
A clinical nurse specialist (CNS) will be paid for AU$38.32 per hour. The median annual salary for a clinical nurse specialist can range between AU$59,275-AU$97,621. This salary information can vary depends on area and experience.


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