Forensic Nurse Job Duties and Salary Information

When there are victims of assault and other crimes, a forensic nurse treatment and support will be needed. Moreover, they will also provide any testimony on their behalf. Therefore, all nurses should be highly trained in medical evidence collection and the criminal justice system. If you like to investigate crimes, such as sexual assault, physical assault, and accidental death, a forensic nursing job might be suitable for you. To learn more about this job, you can continue reading the following information.

Job Duties
One should become a registered nurse before they can be a forensic nurse. As it is stated above, forensic nurse jobs will involve in every stage of the response to a crime of rape, assault or battery. This ranges from assessing the victim and preserving evidence to providing treatment to testifying in any potential legal proceedings. Generally, there are three main job duties of forensic nurse. They include:

Assessment and Documentation
Evaluating physical and psychological traumas of patients is the first job of a forensic nurse. Moreover, they will need to carefully collect and document evidence about their patient’s status, including attacker’s hair or body fluids. Hence, a forensic nurse could work at any time of day or night.

Forensic nurses should also be well-versed in treatment procedures; therefore they should have enough education, skills, and experience. Education programs in forensic nursing frequently include psychiatric education as well as pathological studies. A forensic nurse should also perform prevention treatment for patient with sexual assault and offer any psychological care for them.

If you think that the forensic nurse will spend all of his/her working day in a hospital or laboratory, you might be wrong. This is because forensic nurses have training in documentation and evidence preservation. Therefore, they have a responsible to act as expert witnesses in a court of law.

Salary Information
As a forensic nurse, your average wage is $45,928-$82,052 and a salary of a forensic nurse is not to dissimilar to any other part of the nursing profession.



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