Health IT (Health Information Technology) Benefits and Challenges

If you love to work in technology and medical world, then Health IT is the best hospital job for you. Health IT works to develop, create, use and maintenance of information systems for healthcare industry. It aims at realizing better medical care through lower costs, increase efficiency, reduce error and improve patient satisfaction. In general, it will be difficult to define Health IT job description as there are so many different types of health IT. But, one thing for sure is you have to deal with computers. Hence, other daily tasks will depend on what kind of jobs they work for. If you want to be a Health IT, you have to read some basic information for health IT.

Types of Health Information Technology
There are three types of health information technology. The central component of the health IT infrastructure is known as the electronic health record (EHR). EHR is a person’s official, digital health record and is shared among multiple healthcare providers and agencies. Other health jobs that belong to health information technology are personal health record (PHR) and health information exchange (HIE). PHR is a person’s self-maintained health record. While HIE is a health data clearinghouse or a group of healthcare organizations that enter into an interoperability pact and agree to share data between their various health IT systems.

Benefits of Health Information Technology
Even though, many people assume that health information technology will lead to reduced physician productivity. In terms of managing population health programs and reducing the incidence of expensive chronic health conditions, health information technology is really helpful. This is because they can process big data easier and perform precision medicine tailored to individual patients.

Health IT Challenges
There are some challenges that you have to face when you decide to work as a health IT. Chief. They include a lack of commonly agreed on health data interchange standards although the health IT organization has several popular standards. Other concerns are about poorly designed user interfaces and cybersecurity vulnerabilities. This makes many health systems are exposed to frequent cyberattacks.


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