Job Description, Education and Salary Outlook of Dispensing Opticians

Dispensing opticians is an eye care professionals who assist customers in selecting and fitting eyeglasses frames, lenses and lens coating. But the healthcare jobs for dispensing optician don’t stop there. There are more duties that dispensing optician should perform. If you have a good education background for eye care job, dispensing optician might be suitable for you. Discover more information about dispensing optician, such as duties, educational requirements, and salary outlook.

Job Description
As it is stated above, dispensing opticians will assist customers in selecting and fitting eyeglasses and contact lenses. But in detail their jobs are more than that, below are job duties that should be performed by a dispensing optician:

  • To select the best eyeglasses frames, lenses and lens coating, a dispensing optician should be able to consider the client’s facial features,
  • Give specifications, such as prescription, material, style, color and size to ophthalmic laboratory technicians,
  • Some dispensing opticians may insert the lenses into the eyeglass frame,
  • Fit the frames to customer’s face,
  • Fix the worn glasses,
  • Measure the size and shape of a person’s eye to select the proper lens size and material,
  • Keeping records of payments, customers’ prescriptions, inventory, sales and work orders,
  • Explain and demonstrate on how to insert, remove and care for their contacts.

The job duties may be more or less depends on the place you are working for.

Educational Requirements
A high school diploma is the minimum requirement to become a dispensing optician. But, many employers ask for completing an associate’s degree program in optician or take some college courses. You may need to understand physics, anatomy, computers, algebra and trigonometry. In fact, you can attend apprenticeship programs that offer training in working with patients, fitting eyeglasses and contact lenses, etc.

There is a dispensing optician license available, they are the ABO or NCLE certifying examination. Some states will require these licenses. So, you can take those licenses to get the best dispensing optician job in every state.

Salary Outlook
As a dispensing optician in Australia, you can earn an average wage of AU$22.97 per hour. Annually, they take-home salary is ranging for AU$39,413 to AU$60,737. The BLS predicts that this jobs will increase by 24% from 2014-2024.



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