Types of nurses (LPNs, RNs and Advanced Practice Nurses)

As there are so many kinds of nurses, therefore it will be best to categorize their type based on their industry licensure and any further specialized credentials. In the other words, this article will categorize type of nurses according to a particular degree level attained and work environment. Salary of each nurse type will surely be different as each type has different nursing jobs.

  1. Licensed Practical Nurses

Licensed practical nurses which are also known as Licensed Vocational Nurses are the lowest licensure in healthcare industry. LPNs are limited in scope of practice. It takes a year of education which covers the basic nursing skills. Generally, LPNs give necessary patient support before Registered Nurses perform more complex treatment. Their jobs are basically checking blood pressure, inserting catheters, helping patient bather or dress. The average annual salary for a licensed practical nurse is $31,496-$53,132.

  1. RNs Choose Patient Population Specialties

Registered Nurse (RN) certifications are the most essential certificate that is preferred in most hospital setting. In fact, many employers will place “3 out of 5” registered nurses in hospitals versus other hospital staffs which are not registered nurse. With Registered Nurse certification, a nurse will have bigger career opportunities compared to other co-workers who are not. This is because they can pursue advance nursing degrees which take two or more years of study.

There are many specialties that a registered nurse can choose for. They range from critical care, trauma nursing, oncology, respiratory/pulmonary care, pain management, to psychiatry/mental health. Annually a registered nurse’s take-home-pay is $66,640.

  1. Advanced Practice Nurse

Advanced practice nurse is a registered nurse that takes specialties in Anesthetists nursing, Practitioners nursing, Midwives nursing, and Clinical specialists nursing. These specialties will require you deep and specific knowledge above other specialized RNs.  The average annual salary for a licensed practical nurse is $74,564-$124,531.


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