Acupuncture Job Descriptions and Salary Outlook

Acupuncture is one of the most popular Chinese medical treatments. Whether you live in the east or west, you may have heard about this alternative medicine. Even though, in some hospital acupuncture doesn’t integrate as medical jobs. In the west, acupuncture medicine is viewed as pseudo-medicine. If you are interested in becoming an acupuncturist, you can learn more about its job description and salary outlook below.

Definition of an Acupuncture Technician
An acupuncture technician is a specialist that adopts the ancient Chinese medicinal practices. The medical treatment works by manipulating specific pressure points.  This makes acupuncture technicians are different from acupuncturists. The primary difference can be seen through the types of treatments they can offer. Usually, acupuncture technicians have less job descriptions. In fact, they are only permitted to work on the five pressure points of the outer ear which are shen men, sympathetic, kidney, liver, and lung. This is why acupuncture technicians are also called as Chinese auricular therapists, auricular detox technicians, or acupuncture detoxification specialists.

What Does an Acupuncture Technician Do?
As it is stated above, there are five pressure points in the auricle area of the ear that any acupuncture technicians will perform. Basically, technicians will use their fingers, magnets or lasers to manipulate the pressure points. However, using small needles is usually the most common technique in ancient Chinese medicine. They believe that every illness is caused by the imbalance of energy in the body. With the insertion of needles into pressure points, the energy and tension will be released brings back the body’s energy.

Besides relieving energy, an acupuncture technician can also treat many psychological and emotional conditions, such as depression, stress, and anxiety. By putting needles in the five pressure points of the ear, the acupuncture technician releases the congested lines of energy in the body. Therefore, customers will feel relax, calm, and fulfilled with positive energy.

How Much Does an Acupuncture Technician Make?
The average annual salary of acupuncture technician is $48,782 and acupuncture technicians will earn less than an acupuncturist. Generally, people who work in this field for will be promoted or change their career after 10 years. This is because Acupuncturists with 20 years do not earn any significant increase in income compared to acupuncturist with 10 years of experience.


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