Catheterization Lab Technician: Job Description, Education Requirements, and Salary Outlook

Catheterization is one of the most useful hospital jobs, especially after cardiovascular procedures and surgeries. This is why most cardiovascular technologist will spend their working time in operating rooms. If you are interested to be a catheterization specialist, you should be willing to work with high stress situations as patient can be quickly placed in a life-threatening position. Below is more detail information about catheterization technician.

Job Description for Cath Lab Technicians
As the main jobs of catheterization is in the operation room, so the medical jobs are related to surgery treatment, such as:

  • Ensuring the EKG equipment is in working order.
  • Monitoring the EKG readouts and keep the doctor apprised of anything considered abnormal.
  • Prepare the patient for the procedure, like cleaning, shaving, and if it is necessary, anesthetizing the area of insertion.
  • Assist doctors during open heart surgery, and with the insertion of pacemakers for stents.
  • Reading and interpreting test procedures and explaining the procedure to patients.
  • Help lifting and transferring patients.

Education Requirements
Most employers require an Associate of Applied Science or Associate of Science degree for entry-level employment. Moreover, you can also attain this degree at a junior or community college. In the first year of study, you may have to follow laboratory classes and some lectures about medical instrumentation, cardiovascular physiology, and physical principles of medicine. While in the second year, you will experience greater emphasis on the technologist’s specialization include on-campus lectures and lab work.

According to, an annual salary for cath lab technologists in May 2017 is $65,685 with a range between $58,095-$74,970. But the salary isn’t fixed as it will vary depend on a variety of factors. For example, in Australia, a catheterization technologist take home pay is $101,345 or an hourly rate of $49.


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