Dental Specialist: Job Description, Duties and Salary Information

Having a significant amount of formal education is essential to become a dental specialist. If becoming a dental specialist is your dream job, you have to know what to expect and not to expect. Therefore, we provide you some basic information about dental specialist that you might want to know, such as bellows:

Job description
Since dental specialist is a licensed dentist who has chosen to specialize in a specific area of oral health, their main health jobs will be such as follows:

  • Cleaning and repairing teeth, extracting teeth when necessary, fitting crowns and administering anesthesia prior to dental procedures
  • Treat mouth, teeth, or gums diseases (such as gun disease), injuries, or malformations that occur
  • Maintaining patients’ dental records
  • Referring patients to specialists when required
  • Leading dental staff in patient care
  • Patient education regarding best oral health habits
  • Satisfactory and timely (same-day) treatment
  • Recruiting, training and managing staff
  • Managing budgets and maintaining stocks of equipment
  • Marketing services to potential clients

Requirements for a Dental Specialist
As it is stated before that formal education is important, but additional education is also necessary. After general dental school, you may need to take another two years to follow post-graduate training. In these training, you will join clinical practicums. But, above all, dentist specialists usually practice in their field of specialization upon completion.

Salary Outlook
Dentist specialist is one of the most popular medical jobs. This is because compared to other medical jobs; dentist specialist is considered as a promising job yet in the other hand serves you with lesser risks. In Australia, a dentist specialist take home pay is AU$97,065 per year. While working as dentist specialist in U.S. will enable you to earn $125,174 per year. In addition, the skills that increase pay for this job the most are Family Practice, General Surgery, endodontics, General dentist, and dentist.


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