Clinical Microbiologist: Job Description, Duties and Requirements

Working as a clinical microbiologist will make you spend most of your working time in laboratories. In laboratory you will examine specimens in order to identify infectious organisms that cause disease. If you like to analyze disease and find a way to control the spread of infections, this job might be suitable for you. Read more to figure out what kind of job description that you will be responsible with.

Clinical microbiologists Job Description
In general clinical microbiologists will analyze blood, tissue and other samples. Then, they will use these samples to identify the disease-causing which cause illness in people, animals, and food. In fact, there are more health jobs that a clinical microbiologist should handle with:

  • Testing the strength and virulence of microbes
  • Using a variety of biochemical and molecular methods to determine organisms that cause infection
  • Identifying fungal, parasitic, viral and bacterial infections
  • Collaborating and liaising with healthcare professionals and industrial or clinical colleagues
  • Recording, analyzing and interpreting data
  • Writing research papers, reports and reviews
  • Preventing the spread of infections within hospitals
  • Carrying our research into specific diseases
  • Managing laboratories
  • Supervising biomedical scientists

Clinical microbiologists have lots of specialization. This makes there are many typical employers of clinical microbiologist. They include: Pathology departments, diagnostic laboratories, medical schools, hospitals, public health England, NHS Blood and Transplant, private laboratories, and water and waste management companies.

Salary Information
Per year a clinical microbiologist in Australia can earn AU$60,435. While in U.S., a clinical microbiologist take home pay is $51,620 per year.  An entry-level Microbiologist with less than 5 years of experience can expect to earn an average total compensation of $44,000. On the other hand, microbiologists who have spent 5-10 years of experience can earn an average total


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