Paraoptometric Technician Salary Information

Optometrist is someone who will serve you when you come to an eyeglasses store. They will likely to greet you from the reception desk and show you available frames. The other names for this health job are optician technicians or optometrist assistants. They earn their salaries by helping optometrists with vision care and providing clerical or clinical tasks. But, the jobs will depend on their educational backgrounds.

Clinical Paraoptometrics
Clinical paraoptometrics usually work for screening for glaucoma, measuring visual activity and taking down patient histories. This type of paraoptometrics is the most common ones. They exist in about 86 percent of all paraoptometric practices. According to the American Optometric Association, full time clinical paraoptometrics worker take home pay is $100K. They worked an average 35 hours per work for 49 weeks.

Optical Dispensing Paraoptometrics
A person who specializes in making sure the lenses and frames suite the patient’s needs is called optical dispensing paraoptometrics. This kind of paraoptometric is in the second most common position with 72 percent of practices. In 2017, a full time optical dispensing paraoptometrics could earn $15.89 per hour. Optical dispensing paraoptometrics working hours are 37 hours per week for 49 weeks.

Optical Laboratory Paraoptometrics
Other common type of paraoptometrics is the optical laboratory. Their common activities include frame repair and finishing and coating lenses to the lab. Their work hours are 35 hours a week for 49 weeks. In 2017, an optical laboratory could earn $12.59 per hour.

General Office Paraoptometrics
The last type of paraoptometric is general office paraoptometrics. Their existence is only 69 percent of the practices reporting one. Their main jobs are handling front desk tasks, such as answering phones, managing billings and filling insurance claims. Their salary might be the same with other general office clerks in your area.




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