Discover the 6 Shift Work Disorder Symptoms

Paramedic who works for an air ambulance is terribly hectic. They could run the risk of fatigue, besides they are also at risk of developing a shift work disorder. The disorder will make you unable to perform your medical jobs efficiently. If you work as a paramedic, it is important to know whether you have been exposed to this disorder or not. Below is detail information about shift work disorder.

Shift Work Disorder Could Pose Threats to Medical flight Workers
Since you work diligently day and night, your healthy may not become your first concern anymore. So, you may not realize whether you have developed the early stage of shift work disorder or not. To check it, you can read the following symptoms:

  1. Lack of concentration
  2. Lack of energy
  3. Being sleepy excessively at times when you need to stay awake
  4. Being unable to fall asleep when you need to or waking up before getting sufficient sleep
  5. Irritability and depressive moods
  6. Constantly getting insufficient sleep or being unable to get restful sleep

If you experience some or all of the above symptoms, you may need to seek treatment immediately. Due to all these issues, you may even face problems maintaining healthy personal relationships – whether it’s with your partner, colleagues, or family members.

Causes of Shift Work Disorder
As the name suggest, this disorder appears because of working in shifts. This is why medical flight paramedic will likely have high risk to develop this sickness. Night shifts and rotating shifts as well as early morning shifts can result in shift work disorder. If you are a flight paramedic or regular paramedic, you will likely experience chronic sleep deprivation. This will eventually ruin your health, safety, and productivity. One of the clear reasons why you would develop this disorder is because you keep yourself staying awake when you are tired and should be asleep.


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