4 Stress Management Tips for Healthcare Workers

Working as a paramedic, especially as an ICU nurse who usually deals with life or death situations will put you at high risk of developing stress. Ongoing stress can manifest itself in a host of physical and psychological symptoms, including headaches, sleep disturbances, poor concentration and depression. These symptoms will surely affect your work. If you don’t want any health symptoms influence your medical careers, you better learn how to manage your stress. Below are some ways to manage your stress.

Talk It Out
In hospital, there are some services that can help alleviate stress, such as on-site massage service and discounted gym memberships. If you endure great stress at work, don’t hesitate to talk it about the stress and provide and seek any emotional support. Only by being honest about your situation, people or your team can help you.

Fight Compassion Fatigue
This kind of fatigue comes from caring too much. Usually, this kind of fatigue will be experienced by healthcare professionals who listen to stories of fear, pain and suffering of their patients. At one time, they will find themselves empathetically experiencing similar emotions. So, as solutions, you can increase your social support, banishing feelings of self-blame and guilt, and participating in community or charitable events.

Get to the Root of the Issue
Knowing what makes you stress can be one of the greatest solutions for you. You may be stressful because of meeting deadlines and quotas in retail which actually you hate. So, in this case, if you work in a job that is a mismatch with your personality and preferences, switching to another role and/or organization will likely be a much better stress reduction technique than any other.

Simple Stress Busters
You can make simple de-stressing techniques part of your day, if your stress results from the daily grind and changing jobs isn’t ab option. Besides, you can try to exercise as it will force deep breathing. In fact, deep, cleansing breaths combined with shoulder shrugs and head rolls help muscles to relax. Even squeezing balls can help to relieve muscle tension throughout the day. Furthermore, you can try to smile or laugh as studies show that smile or laughter is natural stress mitigates.


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